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Marathi hosts two beautiful beaches with fine sand and shallow calm waters, ideal for children. They are very well protected from the winds, as they look to the south and have nice view to Drapanos Cape and the White Mountains. The beaches are separated by a small pier, which serves as a harbor. It is well organized with all necessary amenities nearby.

500m opposite Marathi, there is the small island Marathi or Palia Souda (Paleosouda), which can be reached by swimming. On the island there is a small pine wood, while its western coast is steep and is popular to scuba divers. Moreover, if you follow the road leading to the north, you will meet (on the beach road) the ruins of the Roman town called Minoa, which probably was a seaport city of Aptera. The archaeological site, also known as the Small palace of Minos despite not being dated in Minoan Times, hosts traces of buildings and baths probably related to an old harbor, military facilities and a mansion. Indeed, on the beach there is still a semicircular wall that is still washed by the sea.

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On the other hand, if from the port we continue southwest, we will find ourselves at the end of the beach of the harbor, which has large pebbles. The beach at this point is called Sosorides and is very popular to locals seeking calmly places without fuss. Sosorides can be reached through a paved road, starting a few meters before reaching Marathi from Chania.

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